5 Advantages of QR Codes for a Restaurant

Many establishments, especially restaurants, are switching to offering a scannable QR code instead of a traditional menu. This is because they offer so many advantages! This list is only the beginning of what the Spouter team and a Spouter QR can do for your establishment.

Advantages of QR Codes for a Restaurant

#1 It’s safer for your staff and patrons

Dining out today is a lot different than even two years ago. Your patrons and staff are very concerned with the spread of viruses, germs, and disease. One of the most germ-filled places in your restaurant is the menus. Are they really getting cleaned and sanitized after every use? Probably not. That’s why many restaurants are switching to offering a scannable QR code instead of a traditional menu.

#2 It’s cheaper for you

QR codes aren’t just great for everyone else; they’re great for you too! Let’s say you agree that plastic menus aren’t being cleaned properly in between each diner. You switch to paper instead and throw them away each time. Constantly replacing paper menus after they are used just once is very expensive and not very eco-friendly at all. 

#3 QR codes cannot be hacked

QR codes are safe! A patron in your restaurant scans a QR code and is taken to a digital form of your menu. QR codes are generally nothing more than web links. QR code technology has no security flaws and QR codes cannot be hacked. The security risks that some people associate with QR codes, including phishing, hacking, or malware, don’t stem from QR code technology itself but from the final destination of each code. We recommend keeping your website, the place where your QR code will send your patrons, as safe and secure as possible. If your web page is secure, the QR code will be too. It’s as simple as that!

#4 They connect your online and offline experience

An increasing number of restaurants are using QR codes to tie their in-person experience to their website and social media platforms. This means there’s no need to include your web address, social media handles, or phone number (all of which could be written down or typed in wrong.) Instead, people can simply scan the QR code and be taken straight to your menu, Facebook page, Instagram account, and more.

#5 Everyone loves them!

You love getting more traffic to your social media accounts and spending less on your menus. Your staff loves the fact that QR codes eliminate one of their closing cleanup duties. Your patrons love that they’re so easy to use and they don’t have to worry about getting someone else’s germs from a menu.


Trust Sprouter for Your QR Code Needs

If you own a restaurant, Sprouter is here to help you. We make it easy to upgrade your QR code experience! Sprouter QR codes are scannable with any smartphone camera. A QR code from Sprouter is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Advantages of QR codes for a restaurant