Why Restaurants and Business are Using Sprouter

September 18th, 2021

Sprouter is the best free, customer-facing, digital solution for any restaurant or brand.  

Sprouter enables businesses to create a fully customizable landing page that can be used to host all of your contactless menus, social media profiles, websites, contact information, social payment profiles, attachments (pdfs,jpegs) and much more – all while being accessible via the Sprouter QR code. 

Sprouter offers the best and most reliable QR code solution on the market. Customers are one scan away from having access to not just a menu, but an entire ecosystem of your businesses best social proof. Brick and mortar locations benefit from highly customizable USA Made QR plates that we develop directly in house. Since launching, select restaurants have seen page interaction time skyrocket to nearly 5,000% compared to before becoming a Sprouter partner. Other notable metrics include an average page interaction time of over 4 minutes.

Sprouter is currently accelerating the growth of brands in industries including restaurants, resorts, night clubs, food trucks, insurance companies, beverage companies, cannabis dispensaries, symphony orchestras, electric scooter companies, and more. 

If your business is looking to streamline its purchase and social management systems, Sprouter may be the perfect customer-facing digital solution. Regardless of industry, Sprouter has a solution for your restaurant or business.

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